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Students, researchers and academicians are always in search of a virtuous platform to exhibit their knowledge and their research to the world. There has always been an exigency for such kind of a platform. But it has always been a herculean task to find one. As a group of students, we can understand. And here we are, with an elucidation to all the questions. We’re proudly announcing our all new blogging platform!
My Ochre blog page is an exciting opportunity to all the students, researchers and academicians who need a platform to exhibit their knowledge to the world. we are welcoming your work with open hands. Blogs from any fields can be uploaded. Law, Engineering, Technology, Language, and some fun, casual articles. You name it. You can use this platform to show who you are. We as a team, are here to uplift and fine tune your work and unleash it to the world. And My Ochre blog page would be a massive steppingstone in your career. And we’d be glad to have you as a part of our Ochre Family. We’re excited to see, what everyone of you, has got to offer!
Drop us a mail: office@myochreblog.in for being a part of our team.
Contact us on: info@myochreblog.in to share your article with us.
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1. Nishita Kisor Achrekar: +91 8591671479
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Ochre (India) is a women-owned educational event organizing company. We are known for our meritorious history of conducting several events and conferences, in collaboration with highly reputed Universities and companies. Now we are stepping into world of providing courses to the students who are waiting to quench their thirst of knowledge. And now, our all-new venture, My Ochre Blogs. 
Visit our website at: https://ochreindia.in/